Hefty Scales

Commission Terms and Conditions

Last edited: December 8th, 2023

  1. I reserve the right to alter these terms as needed with notice to any active clients that changes may affect. These terms are not permanent and will be adjusted as needed.
  2. All clients, as well as the characters/subjects requested, must be of or over the age of 18, or risk immediate rejection. Characters additionally must visibly look 18 or older.
  3. Any prompts portraying criminal or non-consensual acts, or content that is derogatory to specific groups (ie. sexism, racism, etc.) are liable to be rejected immediately.
  4. I focus mainly on masculine and gay topics. As such, I am primarily interested in highly masculine characters and anatomy, and would like to prioritize those types of subjects for fetish-related art. If you are interested in feminine or androgynous characters or content catered towards straight audiences, I would suggest utilizing different artists as they would likely yield a much better final product than myself.
  5. I reserve the right to reject a prompt for my own personal reasons outside of these terms, including if I am personally uninterested in the subject matter or if I feel that I cannot portray it properly.
  6. I respect the client’s need to change or ask for corrections in the event an element is incorrect or missing. However, I reserve the right to reject change requests, cancel a commission, or request monetary compensation if there are too many correction requests or changes.
  7. The client reserves the right to ask for progress updates and previews on their commission at any time during the process.
  8. All commissions are expected to be posted to my social media accounts. The client may choose to have their accounts mentioned when uploading, or remain anonymous. The client may upload their commissions to their own social media accounts in these cases. The client may also choose to keep the commission private.
  9. If a client chose to keep a commission private, yet publicly shares the piece themselves, I reserve the right to then post the piece myself, including linking to the account or the name of the account the piece was posted to. Clients may also keep a commission private for a specified amount of time to have the piece be posted.
  10. In the case of private commissions, if found acceptable by the client, I may create an altered version of the piece with swapped colors and any distinct/identifiable characteristics changed or removed to prevent client identification. In these cases, the pieces will be treated as personal works and uploaded to my Patreon for early access, then posted to my other accounts without mentioning the client. For transparency to my audience, I may include that the pieces are altered from private commissions in the posts (though this may be omitted on special request). The client may request to preview the alternate piece before uploading.
  11. The sketches and full resolution versions of each commission, as well as alternate versions, are expected to be posted to my Patreon after completion.
  12. Payment for commissions will take place after a concept sketch is made and confirmed with the client. For YCH's, payment will generally be up-front. Once the payment is fully processed, the piece will then move on to completion. Once a piece is completed and the client has confirmed its completion, I will not accept any refund requests.
  13. At no point is any work commissioned by me to be used in or in support of any form of NFT, cryptocurrency, blockchain-based technology, pyramid schemes/multi-layer-marketing schemes, AI image generation (for training, generation, promotion, or any affiliation whatsoever) or any other environmentally/morally/artistically dubious and harmful practices, including for political purposes.
  14. Clients may edit their commissions. However, they must disclose that they edited it if shared, and must not remove the signature on the piece. They may add their own signature if they made additions or changes, so long as it specifies that they were an editor and not the original artist.

Subjects and fetishes I generally do not draw (this does NOT automatically mean I condemn all listed items, only that I personally do not wish to draw them):

  • Extreme bottom-heavy or “pear shaped” characters (this can be subjective, so asking first is recommended)
  • Toilet-related fetishes (ex. scat, watersports)
  • Extreme gore/death
  • Berry/Blueberry inflation
  • Pooltoy characters
  • Humans or demi-humans
  • “Closed species” or species associated with them
  • Diapers, “baby-fur,” or anything childhood/baby-related
  • Giant lips/heavy makeup (exaggerated lower lips are fine, as well as light makeup. Asking with specific examples is recommended)
  • Cross-dressing, drag, or "femboys"
  • Monobutts or null bulges
  • Frilly or lacy clothes/undergarments (ex. lingerie)
  • Content that can be interpreted as politically charged in any way